Lakshmi Mudra and Meditation

Try forming this mudra along with this meditation. Instructions on forming the mudra, below.

Lakshmi Mudra 
Increase Prosperity 

The Lakshmi Goddess Archetype represents of all kinds of abundance, but mostly, that of generous, spirit. As they say, happiness is an inside job. She embodies the strong feminine power of love, laughter, life and graciousness. In 2 of her four arms she holds; two lotuses, representing spiritual transformation. In the third, she gestures fear not, finally, out of the fourth hand fall golden coins, suggesting both flowing prosperity and generosity.
If one word represents Lakshmi, it is sri and indeed Lakshmi’s bija or seed sound is “Srim.” There is no direct translation of the word sri, but a constellation of words gives a better understanding of it’s meaning; sublime beauty, blessings, contentment, generosity, grace, humor, joy, love, prosperity are a few that begin to describe the sri qualities of Lakshmi’s being, for everything springs forth from her.

This mudra is startlingly powerful. It gestures surrender and openness, yet it is centered, and powerfully confident.

Lakshmi bija mantra: Om Srim Maha Lakshmyai Svaha
Said phonetically: Om sreem-maha lock- shmee- ay swa-ha

Forming the mudra- Form this mudra with both your right and left hands. Middle, ring finger and pinky curl and press into the palm of the hand. Elbows bend, hands lift to heart level, as if you’re going to pound on a door. Point your index finger straight upwards at first, then press your thumb inwards towards your middle finger so the tip points straight up, now, bend the index finger so the first pad of your index finger meets the tip of your thumb. Don’t bend your thumb!

Center: Sit comfortably. Close your eyes, settle and take several deep breaths.

Meditation: Hold the mudra and repeat her seed sound srim (shreem) srim, srim, srim, or her seed mantra as above. This can be done out loud or silently. Notice the flowing energetic stream that this mudra mantra combination creates.

As this is her seed sound, imagine that you are also holding the seed of sri, like a “sri particle.” This sri particle represents light energy, like the powerful energy of nuclear fusion. Hold this mudra and repeat her seed sound until you feel energy pulsating between your fingertips, and perhaps throughout your whole body. Unlock this energy and watch it move into and out through your heart center with your breath, then picture it flowing into every cell of your body, and out into the space surrounding you, encircling you like the sun.

This is the energy of the blooming lotus, of the open, loving and generous heart of Lakshmi. Picture the Goddess before you and imagine that your hands hold the most beautiful blooming lotuses you can imagine. Offer them first to Lakshmi and then to anyone in your life that needs this powerful healing gesture of energy. Notice that you receive as you give,  that in essence giving and receiving are one and the same.


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