Mudra Meditation Cards

Mudra Meditation Cards

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Explore these 8 Buddhist symbols in mudra form, each with a guided meditation, that relates to the symbolic teaching of the mudra.  The art on these cards make a great focal point on your altar or in your sacred space. There are 11 cards total in this set: An instruction card, an opening card and a closing card, along with the 8 auspicious mudras.

Wishing you peace,

Abigail Boehm

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5 reviews for Mudra Meditation Cards

  1. Trina Bardusco

    These cards inspire contemplative thoughts that bring a swirl of color, of depth to my meditative experience. I especially enjoy the colors and appreciate the concepts. Beautiful artwork too!

    • Abigail Boehm

      Thank you for your feedback Trina!

  2. molly long

    I was unprepared for how beautiful these cards are. The stunning original artwork is fabulous on its own. I found the meditations on the back of the cards to be authentic, sincere and appreciate the simple beauty of the words. For me it has taken some of the intimidation out of a daily meditation practice and instead made the experience one I look forward to. Thank you Abigail!

    • Abigail Boehm

      Thank you Molly! I’m glad these cards have made meditation more enjoyable and accessible to you!

  3. Aurelle Sprout

    Your cards are a delight to my eyes, my imagination, my soul. Your visual and verbal explanation of the mudras greatly assists my segway into a new meditation realm.

  4. kendallhebert

    Every time I open this pack of cards, it’s like opening a gift. A gift for the mind as it feasts upon Abigail’s artwork and words, and a gift for my soul as it teaches me to tap into the sacred geometry of the body. I honor Abigail for sharing this wisdom in such a beautiful way, and I honor the forces and sources that allow me to practice with these cards and mudras.

    Thank you Abigail for your gift. May these cards find their way into people’s practices and enrich their lives… like you do. Namaste

    • Abigail Boehm

      Dear Kendall, I’m thrilled to hear that the cards are working with you and your meditation practice in such a deep way.
      They are a simple, yet powerful tool and it sounds like you have tapped into your own beautiful meditation stream with them.
      I’m honored, Abigail

  5. Judy Colt

    This daily contemplative practice will fill your heart and soul with amazing peace. The mudra cards act as a gateway to meaningful prayer and reflection. The beauty of the art work and words of guidance bring forth emotions of gratitude and joy each day. Thank you, Abi!

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