Mudra Meditation Cards


These cards give guidance and provide an inspiring focal point and are for anyone who wants to meditate with mudras. On the front of each card is my original art and on the back a guided meditation with instructions on how to form each mudra. Checkout the free download that explains how to use the cards.

The 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism were the inspiration for this set of cards. These 8 symbols are said to carry all the Buddhist teachings within them. The art has been inspired by my own meditations over years of meditating with these mudras. The set also includes an instruction card, prayer mudra to begin and end your meditation and a traditional offering mudra to close the series. Hence you’ll find 11 cards in each set. Every card can be used alone or the cards can be used as a series.

These cards are a perfect tool for anyone who wants to integrate mudras and guided meditation into their practice and for yoga teachers who want use mudras in their classes with guidance.

Art and guided meditations by Abigail Boehm

On the front of each card you’ll find a painting of each mudra embedded in the artwork. At the bottom of each card you’ll find the tradtional Buddhist symbol, that represents the mudra and it’s teachings.

On the back of each card you’ll find the name and the purpose of each mudra, along with a simple line drawing, with instructions on forming the mudra, and a guided meditation.

Why meditate with mudras? Mudras are hand gestures that create a strong focal point for meditation. They help center your attention and settle your mind, allowing for a deeply peaceful meditation experience.

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